Poster Winner

We have a winner! After combing through many wonderful entries, the board voted and decided on the following three for our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. Our 1st place winner, Tracie Ching, will have her poster featured in some of our marketing efforts as well as be the focus of an upcoming blog post here on our website.

Join us September 12 for the DC State Fair as we recognize these three designers with their appropriate ribbons!


1st place
Tracie Ching – 1st Place


2nd place DC state fair poster design
Susie Cambria – 2nd Place


3rd place poster design
Liz Caselli-Mechael – 3rd Place

Kids Art and Poetry Contest

First Place in the 2015 Kids' Art Contest.
First Place in the 2015 Kids’ Art Contest.

Thank you for your interest in the Kids’ Art and Poetry Contests! Read the contest guidelines below. This contest entry is a bit different from the others: To fill out an entry form and to turn in your artwork or poem, visit the Shaw Neighborhood Library (1630 7th St. NW) before the contest deadline.

DC State Fair is proud to host the 2015 Kids Art and Poetry Contests. All kids who live in the city of Washington DC and are entering prekindergarten through 9th grade are eligible to enter. The entry form must be filled out by a parent or guardian of the kid entering the contest.

The artwork can be in any form that the artist deems necessary. Paintings, drawings, dioramas, poems etc. are all welcome. Remember that there is no need to buy any special art supplies!

2015 Kids Art and Poetry Contest Guidelines

  1. Arts and Crafts can be 2 or 3 dimensional.
  2. Contest winners will be judged on:
    1. Creativity (40%)
    2. Originality (40%)
    3. Composition (20%)
  3. Kids may enter no more than one piece of art and one poem.

The entry must be dropped off at Shaw Neighborhood Library (1630 7th St. NW) on or before September 6th at 5pm.

More info:
DC State Fair will be held on Saturday, September 12, at Old City Farm and Guild (925 Rhode Island Ave NW) near Shaw metro.

Watha T. Daniel/Shaw Neighborhood Library will be hosting a Sunday Art Day at 2-3pm on August 23rd, August 30th, and September 6 for kids interested in working on their artwork or poem at the library. We will supply crayons, markers, paper, scissors and colored pencils but you need to bring any specific materials that you’d like to include in your artwork.

The judging schedule will be available at in early September. Please pick up your entry after judging if possible. We ask that winning entries be on display until Fair closing at 8p.m., when they can be claimed if you agree to display your Kids’ entry.

There will be a prize for each age group and the winners may be displayed on the DC State Fair website as well as other Fair-related venues. All entries not picked up by the end of the event will become the property of the DC State Fair.

The winners!

Everyone wins at the DC State Fair. Anyone who entered a pie competition for the first time or snapped a sweet picture at our photo booth knows that! But of course we also have contest winners. So without further ado, here they are.

If in the rush of the Fair we missed or miscategorized anything, please let us know.


1.   Early Morning Fishing, ekelly80

2.   Hear, Capitol Quarter Photos

3.   Concentration, ekelly80


1.   Sean Gugger: Nelson RyePA

2.   Nathan Rice: Peach Sour

Best Malt: Brian Haroldson: Hookie Dark Cream Ale

Best Fruit & Spice: Paul Stepnowsky: Baby Blues

Best Roast/Smoke/Wood: Rob Pitingolo: Pennsylvania Ave Porter


Best of Show: Izzy Hill

Extracted Honey: Izzy Hill

Best Tasting Honey: Franciscan Monastery Garden Guild

Kids’ Poetry:

Darren Hazzard, “Good Food, the More You Eat the Better You Feel”

Craft Contests

Newborn Hats:

1.   Karla Koudelka, Cupcake

2.   Karla Koudelka, Pumpkin

3.   Kenneth Moore, Pumpkin


First Place Knit: Whitney Meagher, DC Themed Gloves

First Place Crochet: Karla Koudelka, Cat Sweater

Bicycle Accessory:

1st place and Best Design & Function: Crispen Wilson, Quick Attach and remove child seat for Capitol BikeShare

2nd place and Best Adaptation: Jamal Kadri, 1934 rear steer tandem retrofit

3rd place and Most Creative: Nthabi Rand, Doll carrier

Kids’ Art:

1.    Nthabi Rand

Baked Goods Contests


Best in Show: Sharon Winget, Chalfont Apple Cranberry Pie

Best Apple:  Chalfant Mother’s Apple Cranberry Pie by Sharon E. Winget

Best Pie Crust:  Salty Oat Apple Pie by Christine Perez

Savory Show: Mushroom Lambkin Pie by Ellen McBarnette


1st Place: Tatiana Cook, Red Pepper Cupcake with Goat Cheese Frosting and Red Pepper Jam

Best Cake: Joy Dingle, Chocolate-Almond Cupcake with Almond Meringue Icing

Best Presentation: Kimberley Trainor, Coconut Ginger Cake, Lemon Curd Filling, and Meringue Frosting.

Prepared Foods Contests

Cucumber Pickle:

1. Mark Perry

2. Melanie Egorin

3. Chris Forney

Other Vegetable Pickle:

1. Margaret Mook, Green Martini Tomatoes

2. Kara Elder, Sweet Pickled Jalapenos with Coriander and Cumin

3. (tie) Kara Elder, Sweet Pickled Jalapenos with Ginger;  Mike Hankey, Cilantro Pickled Radishes

Fruit Pickle:

Chris Forney, Mom’s Watermelon Pickles

Jam & Jelly:

1.   Erin Behrmann, Smoky Peach Pepper Jam

2.   Erin Behrmann, Peach Basil Jam

3.   Sarah Cohen, Spicy Raspberry Lime Jam

Fermented Vegetable:

Rhea Kennedy, Locavore Kimchi

Vegetable Contests

Tastiest Tomato:

Malin Moeller, Cherry Tomato

Longest Vegetable:

Stephanie Dock, 46-inch squash

Heaviest Vegetable:

Jesse Fenty, 18-pound pumpkin

Heaviest Fruit:

Ellen McBarnette,  watermelon

Funkiest-Looking Vegetable:

Andrew Robie, Maize

Thanks for a great Fair!

Thank you to everyone who came out today to celebrate DC talent at the DC State Fair in the heart of the Barracks Row Fall Festival. And congratulations to the winners of all 19 contests!

Want to relive the day or catch up on the events? Our fourth annual Fair is all over social media — both in words and pictures. Take your pick:

A special thank you goes out to our contest coordinators, judges, and volunteers. You made it all possible!


2013 contest registration now open

Pies await judging in one of the DC State Fair’s most popular contests.

Ready? Set? Enter!

DC State Fair contest registration is now open. Whether you plan to enter our artistic, crafty or culinary contests, you can start the entry process on the 2013 Contests page. There, you can find links to entry forms with contest rules and deadlines.

Deadlines for canned and baked goods fall in mid-September, so be sure to register soon.

The drop-off and judging schedule will be published on the Event Details page in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out there and in the State of the Fair Newsletter for more information.

We look forward to seeing you and announcing the big winners at the Fair on Saturday, September 28.

Good luck, exhibitors!

Competition on 8th Street to stardom on P Street

The five Meet the Sweets participants stand by a sign at the P Street Whole Foods.
The five Meet the Sweets participants stand by a sign at P Street Whole Foods.

In December 2012, DC State Fair sponsor Whole Foods P Street put out the red carpet for our pie and cupcake winners. A team led by Daniel Thaeler transformed the store into an ode to some of D.C.’s best bakers, designing profiles and recipe cards for each baker and confection, and inviting the winners to share samples.

The people who went from Fair contestants on 8th Street to stardom on P Street included (pictured from left):

Best Cupcake: Esther Ventus with the Juan Carlos Cupcake, a chocolate-raspberry creation

Most Creative Pie: Frank Asher and Sarah McLaughlin with Vegan Pot Pie

Best Apple Pie: Megan McConville with her Classic Double Crusted Apple Pie

Most Creative Cupcake: Heidi Goldberg with The Sweet and Salty, a sweet potato cupcake with salted caramel buttercream

(More photos after the jump!) Continue reading “Competition on 8th Street to stardom on P Street”

Winner spotlight: Sophia Diggs-Galligan

Meet Sophia Diggs-Galligan. She garnered both a Kids Poetry Contest first place ribbon for her age group and the first place prize over all for her poem “The Farmer.”

For this very first DC State Fair Kids Poetry Contest, youngsters in first through seventh grade from all over the city submitted their poetry on the topic of vegetables or gardens. We were stunned by everyone’s creativity. The final (and difficult) selection fell to our panel of esteemed judges.

The video shows Sophia reading her poem and keeping tremendous poise among the hubbub of the fair. Microphone assistance came from Kid Power‘s Grant Elliott and American Sign Language interpretation was courtesy of Birnbaum Interpreting Services. A transcript of the poem follows the jump. Continue reading “Winner spotlight: Sophia Diggs-Galligan”

Winner spotlight: Vivienne Rioux-Bailey

Baby Organic Carrots from Garden 10-6-09IMG_6718

We are pleased to introduce you to the work of Vivienne Rioux-Bailey, who took home a second place ribbon in the Kids Poetry Contest with her poem “Everybody Knows About Carrots.”

For this very first DC State Fair Kids Poetry Contest, youngsters in first through seventh grade from all over the city submitted their poetry on the topic of vegetables or gardens. We were stunned by everyone’s creativity. The final (and difficult) selection fell to our panel of esteemed judges (PDF).

Many thanks to Kid Power DC for their sponsorship of the contest!

Without further ado, here is the poem:

Vivienne Rioux-Bailey – Second Place, grades 4 and 5

Everybody Knows About Carrots

My cats Ping and Pong love them
While my friend despises them!
While a witch is putting them in her pot,
My mom’s probably not!
Carrots are good for your eyes.
They have a nice crunch and munch
While you’re training for your punch.
They’re crunchy like a Kit Kat
But healthy as can be (like peas)!
Crazy, crunchy cool as can be
A vicious and nutritious snack
A pop-in-the-mouth snack
So convenient my mother says
I like to say, “A carrot a day keeps the doctor away.”
Carrots are a nice and juicy snack for the road.
“Got Carrots” is a phrase you should say–especially today.
Remember bright stuff is always good for you, so EAT UP!

 Photo by Flickr user Steven Depolo

Contest: Kids’ Art

dried beans
Photo by Flickr user Kent Landerholm.

Dried pinto beans. Glue. A cereal box top. If you’ve got those three things lying around the house, you could have an entry in the Kids Art Contest this year. In partnership with Kid Power DC (, the DC State Fair has created this competition to showcase the creativity of the District’s young ‘uns. Entries will be accepted at the Fair on Saturday, September 22, between 11 and 11:30 a.m., and winners will be announced by noon.

Why pinto beans and box tops? Well, the artwork must be made with dried legumes and found objects. We do this for the culinary fun of it, the joy of reusing things, and to give parents a break from all that back-to-school shopping.

All kids who live in the city of Washington DC and are entering kindergarten through 9th grade are eligible to enter.

So pick up a bag of dried beans and some Elmer’s, and start creating!

For more information and to register for the contest, go to the entry form.

Kids’ Poetry Contest deadline extended

Kid in face paint
Photo by kaatjevervoort on Flickr

As our blog readers know, this year the DC State Fair is thrilled to offer two contests just for kids. And now the Kids’ Poetry Contest deadline has been extended to Friday, September 7! Yes, DC kids from Kindergarten to junior high age have an extra week to enter a poem (or create a brand new one) on the theme of vegetables or gardens.

Want to enter this or the Kids’ Art Contest with the theme “My Neighborhood”? Keep reading!

Kids’ Poetry Contest

The DC State Fair is proud to host the 2012 Kids’ Poetry Contest in partnership with Kid Power DC ( Thanks to Writopia Lab DC ( for their help with the contest.

All kids who live in the city of Washington, DC and are entering kindergarten through 10th grade are eligible to enter. Read the guidelines below and then fill out the entry form.

Continue reading “Kids’ Poetry Contest deadline extended”