Kickstarter goal reached!

Photo by Flickr user Mickebear
Photo by Flickr user Mickebear

It’s time to celebrate! Thanks to dedicated DC State Fair supporters — including readers like you — our Kickstarter fundraiser reached its goal on August 31. That night, fundraising chair Amelia Showalter sent the following message to contributors:

Wow! The DC State Fair Kickstarter is done. Thanks to you, it was a success! In the next few days we’ll be mailing out surveys to collect the information we need to send you your reward (mailing address, tshirt sizes, etc). So keep an eye on your inbox for one more Kickstarter email.

On behalf of everyone who works so hard to make DC State Fair happen, I want to express how truly grateful we are for the community’s support during this Kickstarter campaign. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much. Not only did we reach our initial goal of $3500, but we even reached our second goal of $5000 just before the Kickstarter ended tonight. Continue reading “Kickstarter goal reached!”

Kid Power brings delights big and small

DC State Fair executive committee members Ken and Rhea joined the Kid Power Harvest Dinner on August 2. The event, hosted by Fair sponsor Kid Power DC, wrapped up the program’s summer camp season. Family, friends, and community members were invited to enjoy kid-created dance, a poetry slam, and food that they grew and cooked themselves.

Guests feasted on vegetable goulash, fresh-baked kale chips, pesto pasta, chicken, and zucchini bread.

Dinner plate

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