Event Schedule

Main Stage

Performers and times subject to change

11:00 A.M.      Performance: School of Rock
11:45 A.M.      Welcome to the Fair
Contest ribbon presentations:  Longest/Funky Vegetable, Fabric, Textile & Fiber Arts, Photography, Salsa, Hot Sauce, Pasta Sauce

12:00 P.M.      Performance: Songrise
12:30 P.M.      Live Contests: Limbo & Hula Hoop
Contest ribbon presentations:  Pet Parade and contests, Bread, Stuffed Dough Pocket, Cake, Cookie, Pie, Jam

1:00 P.M.        Performance: Emma G.
1:45 P.M.        Live Contest: Kids’ Ice Cream Eating, Contest Winner Announcements
Contest ribbon presentations: Ice cream, Chili, Cider, Honey, Homebrew, Compost

2:00 P.M.        Performance: Blue Plains
2:30 P.M.        Live Contests: Apple Peeling & Watermelon Seed Spitting

3:00 P.M.        Performance: Granny and the Boys
3:45 P.M.        Live Contest: Sloppy Joe Eating

4:00 P.M.        Performance: The Frontier
4:30 P.M.        Live Contests: Whisker Wars & Best Tattoo

5:00 P.M.        Performance: The Joy of Rex 
5:30 P.M.        Live Contest: So You Think You Can Dance? dance off

6:00 P.M.        Performance: Suspicious Package

Contest winners are scheduled to be announced and given their ribbons on the Main Stage between bands: roughly 11:45, 12:45, and 1:45. Any winners not available to collect their ribbon on Sunday will be contacted after the fair.

Education Stage

12:00 P.M.      Bocce class with DC State Fair Board Member Regina!
1:00 P.M.        Mapping (with Dave Ramos of KCDC)
2:00 P.M.        DC Rawhides Country Western Dance Workshop
3:00 P.M.        DC Retro Jumpers Jumprope Workshop
4:00 P.M.        GeoAg with Richard Campbell
5:00 P.M.        Kombucha Brewing (register in advance if you’d like a SCOBY)

The Kid Zone

11:00 A.M.      U.S. Botanic Garden coloring activity
12:00 P.M.       DC Public Library “Not a Box”
1:00 P.M.         Soccer Skills and Activities (DC Super Soccer Stars)
2:00 P.M.         Double Dutch (DC Retro Jumpers)
3:00 P.M.         Zine Making (CHAW)
4:00 P.M.         Meadowlark Music for Toddlers