Board of Directors

The DC State Fair is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization led by a Board of Directors. If you are interested in serving on the board, please contact us at


Paola Bernacchi. Contact Paola.

Wendy Caron. Wendy has been a DC resident for nearly 20 years and a DC community gardener for 15 years. She has competed in nearly every DC State Fair and has won several ribbons. The main ingredients for all of the categories she competes in are vegetables and fruits she has grown organically either at her garden plot or in her front yard. Wendy consider herself an urban farmer. She tries to grow and preserve enough food to last throughout the year and to use a least one ingredient that she’s grown in every meal, even if it’s only a clove of garlic or a pickle. An avid cyclist, Wendy hopes one day to combine her love of cycling with her passion for discovering new ways to use her home-grown produce by starting a food bicycle from which to sell home-made baked goods. Contact Wendy.

Sara Conklin. Contact Sara.

Pete Hammerle. Contact Pete.

Catherine Krikstan. Catherine is a web writer, bird watcher and big fan of the Chesapeake Bay. She has worked as an ice cream scooper, a vegetable farmer and a reporter, and now spends her professional life creating web products for a partnership that brings government agencies, nonprofit organizations and academic institutions together to restore the nation’s largest estuary. She lives on Capitol Hill with her pet parakeet. Contact Catherine.

Jenn Nichols. Contact Jenn.

Kish Rusek. Kish is a writer and environmentalist who loves to cook, swim, sculpt, and travel the world. As a grants specialist for the District of Columbia, she secures funding to initiate and sustain educational and environmental programs for the benefit of communities in all wards of Washington, DC. Her proposals have funded school gardens, libraries, bilingual education, STEM learning, multidisciplinary arts, physical fitness, access to health services, improved air quality, water quality, watershed protection, and renewable energy programs. Her efforts have garnered more than $155 million dollars in federal funding for DC programs. A sixteen-year DC resident, Kish is passionate about reducing her carbon footprint through minimalism and vegetarianism. She is a no-recipe chef whose meals are exceptionally nutritious, comprise ingredients from her backyard garden, and take less than twenty minutes to prepare. Outside of work and home, she can be found at a DC Parks and Recreation pool where she swims on a masters swim team. A lifelong learner, Kish is a fourth-year Mandarin student at the Confucius Institute and wood sculpture student at the Brookland Arts Walk. Kish frequently travels the globe to seek out delicious food, art, and people of varying cultures and perspectives. Contact Kish.

Lisa Scott. Contact Lisa.

Liz Wasden. Contact Liz.