About DC State Fair

The DC State Fair is a free showcase of the region’s agricultural and artistic talents. We strive to hold a creative, collaborative and sustainable event that is accessible and inviting to District residents and visitors alike. 

The 2019 DC State Fair will be held on Sunday, September 8, 2019 from 11am-7pm.

The tenth annual event will have a new location at Gateway DC, an innovative and unique state-of-the-art park and pavilion in the heart of St. Elizabeths East Campus. Gateway DC is located at 2700 Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue SE, Washington, DC 20032.

In 2019 (like in 2018), our efforts to increase the sustainability of the Fair will focus on reducing waste, which benefits the environment and public health. 

Contests, Education and Entertainment

Our contests for kids and adults highlight the agricultural, artistic, and even athletic talents of the District of Columbia. Live music, demonstrations, and educational workshops give everyone something to watch, hear, and do at the Fair.

Pet Parade

Friendly pets on leashes, in cages, in tanks, or in aquariums are invited to march in the DC State Fair Pet Parade and compete in pet-themed competitions.


Art and craft vendors, food and drink sellers, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations are invited to rent space at our event.


Sponsors at all levels ensure the Fair’s success. If you are dedicated to homegrown heritage, become a sponsor today.


The first DC State Fair was held on August 28, 2010. It was established by three food and garden bloggers to showcase the talents of the District and engage artistic, agricultural and culinary-minded residents in friendly competition. 

The DC State Fair has been held in different neighborhoods across the District. In 2010, the fair was held at the Columbia Heights Day festival. In 2011, it was held at Crafty Bastards in Adams Morgan. In 2012 and 2013, it was held at the Barracks Row Fall Festival. In 2014 and 2015, it was held at Old City Farm and Guild. And in 2016, it was held at NoMa Junction at Storey Park.

The DC State Fair is led by a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is operated entirely by volunteers. Learn more about our Board of Directors or sign up to receive news and updates.

Images by Elliot Williams, Kat Pancratz and Cheryl MacLean/Capital Photography Center.


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