2018 DC State Fair contest winners

Our contests highlight the baking, cooking, agricultural, and artistic talents of District residents and our winners are listed below.

Best Donut

  • 1st place: Madeline Foote (When They Go Low, We Go Chai Donuts)

Best Biscuit

  • 1st place: Meghan Droste (Raisin Cream Scones)
  • 2nd place: Patrick Dube (PJ’s Cheesy Rosemary Biscuits)
  • 3rd place: Nancy Martinez (Buttermilk Biscuits

Best Gluten-Free Cookies

  • 1st place: Jennifer DeMayo (Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookies)
  • 2nd place: Lu Salazar (Chocolate Salted Black Licorice Cookies)
  • 3rd place: Cal Watson (GF + DF Chocolate Chip Cookies)

Best Cookies

  • 1st place: Meghan Droste (Blueberry White Chocolate Chip)
  • 2nd place: Brittany Coley (Chocolate Chip Cookie)
  • 3rd place: Madeleine Foote (What Dreams Are Made Of)

Best Bread

  • 1st place: Jon Anders (Overnight White Bread)
  • 2nd place: Lindsey Boyle (Crusty 80% Polish)
  • 3rd place: John Canon (Olive Rosemary Bread)

Best Pie

Savory Pie

  • 1st place: Abby Lynch (Barbecue Dinner Pie)–BEST CRUST WINNER!
  • 2nd place: Lisa Doan (Spicy Mushroom Pie)

Sweet, Non-Fruit Pie

  • 1st place: Lisa Doan (Lisa’s Black Bottom Pecan Pie)
  • 2nd place: Alex Mullaney (Alex’s Chocolate Chess Pie)
  • 3rd place: Julie Moeller (Julie’s Chocolate Pecan Pie)

Apple Pie

  • 1st place: Kate Osterback (Southern Apple Cream Pie)
  • 2nd place: Jessica Wille (IncomparApple Pie)
  • 3rd place: Madeleine Foote (Spicy Honey Bee Pie)

Fruit, Non-Apple Pie

  • 1st place: Kate Gilbert (Endless Summer Bumbleberry)–BEST PIE IN SHOW!
  • 2nd place: Sara Kangas (Bluebonnet Berry)
  • 3rd place: Kate Osterback (Peach and Blueberry)

Best Tomatoes

Best Red

  • 1st place: Nicole Buell (Tomato Candy)
  • 2nd place: Caity Valley (Sungold)

Best Non-Red

  • 1st place: Victor Julio Blanco Guzman (Accion U)

Best Vegetables

  • Best Vegetable in Show: Adi Cook (Dent Corn)
  • Longest Vegetable: Asia Chloe Brown (Georgia Candy Squash)
  • Funkiest Vegetable: Anne Katz (The Positively Peculiar Pumpkin of Peter Piper’s Pumpkin Patch)

Best Mumbo Sauce

Best Overall

  • 1st place: Rosina Memolo (Sweet Peach Mumbo)
  • 2nd place: Mike Strong (Dangerous Mumbo)

Most True to the Original

  • 1st place: Mike Strong (Dangerous Mumbo)

Best Jam

  • 1st place: Kirsten Wiard-Bauer (Peach Jam)
  • 2nd place: Kari Deuth (Fig News)
  • 3rd place: Kari Deuth (Blue Raspberry)

Best Fiber Art

  • 1st place: Sara Jean (Frida in Thought Embroidery)

Best Cider

  • 1st place: Hugh Blodget (Race Against Squirrels Perry)
  • 2nd place: Sam Ostrander (Rosemary’s Cider)
  • 3rd place: Whitney Shefte (Catactin Rye Barrel Aged Cider)

Best Homebrew

OVERALL Best: Eric Lautsen (The Josh)

  • By category:
    • Malt/Roast/Crisp: Eric Lautsen (The Josh)
    • Saison: Michael Stewart (The Birthday Saison)
    • Hop: Hugh Blodget (Memphis IPA)
    • Sour: Kyle Navis (Eyes Askew)
    • Fruit + Spice: Andrew Oetman (C+E Festivus)

Best Compost

  • 1st place: Jeffrey Neal (Howard University Loop Closing)
  • 2nd place: Beth Beers (Basura Blend)
  • 3rd place (tie): Coy McKinney (SW Soil) + Susan Ades (Tumblin’ Dice)

Best Ice Cream

  • 1st place: Margaret Walrod (Rosie Rosé)
  • 2nd place: Laura Karr (Buttermilk Berry)
  • 3rd place: Elizabeth O’Connor (Honey Ginger)

Best Chili

  • 1st place: Andrew Huber (The Merciless Quad Pepper Chili of Quetzalacatenango)

Best Honey

  • 1st place: Kevin Platte (West Community Garden)
  • 2nd place: Shahan Miah (West End Wildflower)
  • 3rd place: Sarah Dachos (We Act Radio Social Justice Honey)

Best Bud


  • 1st place: Anthony Flowers (Orange Macaroon)
  • 2nd place (tie): Dustin (Jack’s Cleaner) AND Charles Newsome (Violet Haze)


  • 1st place: K Baldi (Critical Kush)
  • 2nd place: Tom Moylan (Fat Purple Helmey)
  • 3rd place: Ross (Aurora Indica)


  • 1st place: Anthony Flowers (Golden Lemons)
  • 2nd place: Ross (Papaya)
  • 3rd place: Ross (ICE)

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