You: A District of Columbia resident. Enthusiastic about Washington’s past, present, and future. Willing to speak to strangers and work with people of all kinds. Warm sense of humor, power to roll with the punches, and not afraid to invite all of your friends to like our page on Facebook. Willing to eat, sleep, and breathe all things DC State Fair during our busiest time of year.

Us: People of all ages, all backgrounds, and from neighborhoods across DC, who are committed to building community and letting the agricultural, culinary, and artistic talents of District residents shine. Respectful of tradition but open to new ideas. Consensus-seeking and collaboration-loving, but comfortable leading people and projects in a self-supervised environment.

Want to join us? We are seeking up to eight new board members! Applicants should be able and willing to commit to the work. Just what this position entails is described below.

Board member Lisa Scott emcees the Pet Parade. Image via Kat Pancratz/Capital Photography Center.


The following duties are the responsibilities of the leaders of DC State Fair and may be performed primarily by board members: Guide the efforts of various committees and subcommittees (including the Communications, Community Outreach, Contest, Fundraising and Development, Logistics, Vendors and Volunteer committees); liaise with local businesses and organizations that complement and/or support the DC State Fair mission; ensure stable financial and legal standing (primarily performed by the Board’s CFO); offer programming and events throughout the year, in addition to the annual DC State Fair and potentially in collaboration with local businesses and organizations that complement and/or support the DC State Fair mission.

We tend to assign collaborative work according to board members’ skills and interests, but everyone is expected to pitch in when things need to get done. Sometimes, that means we reach beyond our comfort zone to handle new and unfamiliar duties. Tasks and responsibilities are varied. You might:

  • Write content for our social media accounts, website, and newsletter
  • Solicit sponsorships from local businesses
  • Recruit and coordinate volunteers
  • Recruit and coordinate vendors
  • Organize contests and line up volunteer judges
  • Create signage and site maps
  • Manage event logistics (e.g., stage, sound and tent set-up; trash collection; and permits)
  • Table at local events to build DC State Fair visibility
  • Work with community groups and nonprofit organizations to get DC residents engaged and excited about the Fair
  • Weigh in on and implement board decisions

Sound like fun? If so, you could be the person we’re looking for!

Board Member and Dog
Board member Pete Hammerle, Meghan Groob and Gus. Image via Barbara Gilbert/Capital Photography Center.

Time Commitment

New board members will begin to attend regular meetings in February, at which point members will take on intermittent committee assignments and/or responsibilities appropriate for their chosen role. From late spring through summer up until the annual DC State Fair takes place (usually in August/September), our work intensifies. Board members will be asked to make their greatest time commitments during this period. Time commitments can range from four to eight hours per week during the planning stages to 12+ hours per week as the annual event approaches, depending on a board member’s role and availability. These are strictly volunteer opportunities.

Term of Office

Board members serve two-year terms, with overlapping terms.

Hula Hoop Contest
Board member Kish Rusek emcees the Hula Hoop contest. Image via Julie Miller/Capital Photography Center.

About DC State Fair

The DC State Fair is a free showcase of the city’s agricultural and artistic talents. The main event features a full day of competitions, education, and entertainment, with local vendors on hand selling food, drinks, art, and crafts. The first DC State Fair was held on August 28, 2010. The DC State Fair is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization run entirely by volunteers.

To apply, please email a resume, a letter of intent and (if you prefer), one to two supporting documents (e.g., a letter of recommendation, documentation of community involvement, a poetic ode to the Fair) to by midnight on February 1, 2017.

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