2015 DC State Fair Winners

Below are the winners of the 2015 DC State Fair. Thank you to everyone who participated in the!

Congratulations to the winners!

Best Bud

Blue Kenneth Gore
Red Terence Ollivierra
White Patrick Burns


Blue Andrew Robie
Red Mark Perry
White John Henry Wheeler

Cut Flower

Blue Mark Perry
Red Ramona Winkelbauer
White Mark Perry

Floral Arrangement

Blue Mercina Tillemann-Dick
Red Joe Bozik
White Lindsey Truitt
Homegrown Mark Perry


Best in Show

Brian DeFord

Homebrew – Fruit & Spice

Blue Brian DeFord
Red Eric Lausten
White Michael Ficht

Homebrew – Yeast

Blue Austin Burke & Shawn Choy
Red Alex Lynch
White Omar Al-Nidawi

Homebrew – Malt

Blue Peter Saunders
Red Brian Holtemey
White Paydon Miller

Homebrew – Hop

Blue Robert Burrell
Red Eric Lausten
White Candace Archer
Homegrown Andy Oetman


Blue Caroline Hutton
Red Frank Asher
White Pavel Snejnevski

Kids Contests

Poetry PreK – 2 Grade

Blue Ella Davidson
Red Sadie Davidson

Poetry 3rd – 6th Grade

Blue Grace Gavin
Red Elon Wilson

Art PreK – 2nd Grade

Blue Phoebe Luecke
Red Sajan Torchia
White Felix Zook

Art 3rd – 6th Grade

Blue Melaiya Brooks
Red Alcia Bangura
White Hans Zook

Art 7th – 9th Grade

Blue Arjinae Jones

Knitting and Crocheting Contest

Blue Tracy Lini
Red Jennifer Biehl
Red Pamela Spence
White Tina Morgan

Pickled Foods


Blue Mark Perry
Red Robert Carlson
White Kelly Domesle
HG Mark Perry

Pickled – Other Vegetable

Blue Mindy Hackett
Red Andrew Robie
White Kelly Domesle

Pickled – Fruit

Blue Mindy Hacket
Red Mark Perry
White None

Pie Contests


Blue Elizabeth Pletcher
Red Sarah Stella
White Ninette Dean

Pie – Sweet

Blue Sarah Stella
Red Elizabeth Zeitler
White Ranyee Chiang
Homegrown Sarah Stella

Pie – Apple

Blue Elizabeth Pletcher
Red Ninette Dean
White Elizabeth Helton

Pie – Savory

Blue Nina Zimdahl
Red Elizabeth Zeitler
White Ellen McBarnette
Homegrown Ellen McBarnette

Pie – Crust

Blue Elizabeth Pletcher
Red Ninette Dean
White Sarah Stella

Tastiest Tomato 

Blue JO Wilson School Garden
Red Mark Perry
White Niraj Ray

Vegetable Contest

Funkiest Veggie

Blue Andrew Robie
Red Mark Perry
White Name missing (round cucumber)

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