2015 DC State Fair Schedule

Throughout the day on the main stage, you’ll be able to see contests being judged by our expert judges (see schedule below). 

In addition to watching the contests, you’ll be able to enjoy performances by musicians Lennon English and the New Soul Republic and Near Northeast, and demonstrations from the National Hand Dance Association and the YMCADJ Fusion will be the DC State Fair’s official DJ, delivering an eclectic range of tunes. 

You’ll be able to purchase food, drinks and crafts from our vendors around the fair grounds. There will also be a Beer Garden from 12-8pm, hosted by Whole Foods Market.

Boneyard Studios, DC’s tiny house community, will host tours of one of its tiny houses at the top of each hour. We will also have an tent with educational workshops running  from 12-6:30pm (click here for the schedule).

12 – 12:30pm Lennon English and the New Soul Republic
12:30 – 1pm Welcome!

Announce photography, kids art & poetry, poster contest winners.

1 – 1:30pm YMCA Workout Demo
1:30 – 2pm Judge and announce winners for ice cream contest.
2 – 2:15pm Announce cut flower, flower arrangement contests.
2:15 – 3pm Judge and announce winners of funkiest, longest, heaviest veggie and heaviest fruit contest.

Announce tastiest tomato and compost contest winners.

3 – 3:15pm Announce pie contest finalists.
3:15 – 3:45pm National Hand Dance Association
3:45 – 4pm Announce jam and jelly contest winners.
4 – 4:15pm Announce pickled foods winners.
4:15 – 4:45pm Final judging and announce winners of best bud contest.
4:45 – 5pm Knit/crochet contest winners announced.
5 – 5:30pm Final pie contest judging. Winners announced.
5:30-5:45pm Honey contest winners announced.
5:30 – 6pm Final homebrew contest judging. Winners announced.
6:30 – 8pm DJ Fusion
Near Northeast

For a schedule of contest drop-off, judging and announcements, click here.

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