A Word from our Best Bud Sponsor

Let’sGrowDC is the sponsor of the 2015 Best Bud competition. 

image1At Let’sGrowDC, we are committed to building a vibrant urban gardening culture in the District through education, supply, and custom design.

At our core, we are an indoor garden supply, though our scope is much wider. What sets us apart from other gardening supply shops is our consultative approach. We cater to new growers and want them to build confidence and feel they can rely on us as a trusted advisor from seed to harvest. To accomplish this, we are proud to offer advice, educational blogs, and gardening classes free-of-charge.

image3We also specialize in creating customized indoor, outdoor, and rooftop gardens. No project is too big or small for our design studio, which works with clients to make sure their individual vision and needs will be met. We then work with independent contracts who are fully licensed and bonded in the District of Columbia to fulfill the design. Finally, we can provide ongoing maintenance and advice to keep the garden operating smoothly.

Whatever your vision may be, we at Let’sGrowDC will work with you every step of the way to make it a reality.

Let's grow DC logoFor individual consultations or to RSVP for our free classes, contact us at 202-525-4409 or

Check out or weekly educational blog at letsgrowdc.tumblr.com

Follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/letsgrowdc


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