New to the Fair: Cut Flower Contest

Bring your cut flower to the DC State Fair on Sept. 12.

You wake up early on Saturday, September 12, the sun is shining through your window, and you can tell it’s going to be a beautiful day: dew drops still coating blades of grass, not a cloud in the sky, and birds singing in the air.

You’re competing in the DC State Fair Flower Arrangement Contest; so you walk out to your garden to make a bouquet, but there, in the center of your garden, you spot one flower more stunning than the others. It stands taller than any other flowers in your garden — it has a deeper, brighter color, the stem is sturdy and strong, and the petals are fuller than any you’ve seen before.

“Ah ha!” you exclaim. “There is a Cut Flower competition at the Fair this year. And this beaut will be the star of the show!” So you carefully kneel down and snip it with sharp scissors so you don’t bruise the stem, put it in a vase, and bring it to the Fair where master gardeners assess its color, stem and foliage, form, and size or variety.

If you have a garden, gaze around it and see if there is one that stands out from the rest.There’s nothing like bringing your homegrown best of the best to the Fair.

Learn more about the first DC State Fair Cut Flower Contest and register to compete by September 5. You can drop off your entry at Old City Farm and Guild on September 12 between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Bottles will be provided at the fair to protect the flowers before judging; all flowers will be judged in bottles that are the same size and type.

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