Let There Be Beer!

For the first time in its history, the DC State Fair will be able to showcase local beer and other local drinks as part of the Fair’s activities.

Photo courtesy Union Kitchen.
Photo courtesy Union Kitchen.

A Biergarten will be open at the fairgrounds from 3 to 7 pm this Saturday, thanks to sponsorship by Union Kitchen. DC Brau, as well as wine, Bourbon & Byrd spirits and other specialty cocktails/mocktails will be sold at the Biergarten.

If you’re not a beer drinker, the Biergarten will be serving cocktails, such as the Bourbon & Byrd. It’s a refreshing drink of bourbon mixed with Runningbyrd Tea, the latter of which is crafted at Union Kitchen.

But we all know, it wouldn’t be a Biergarten without the brews. And DC Brau, Washington, D.C.’s first packaging brewery since 1956, will be selling a variety owif their award nning beers. The brewery opened in 2009 and is located in Northeast D.C.

“Buying local has so many upsides! Not only does it help stir the local economy by creating jobs and keeping food production within our city, it’s amazing to be in direct contact with the people making your food (and other locally made products),” says Gauri Sarin, co-owner and director of catering and special events for Union Kitchen. “It’s all about creating a community.”

Union Kitchen, located in Northeast D.C., is a food startup incubator. Numerous small businesses, such as Fair sponsors Thunder Beast, Tres Creole and Whisked, have had their start in the Kitchen’s 7,300 square foot warehouse.

IDs will be checked at the entrance to the Biergarten and over-21 guests will receive a wristband. Pricing will be between $5-7 for all alcoholic beverages. Tickets will be sold at the entrance that can be used to redeem for drinks at the bar.

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