Contest Entry Deadlines Extended!

We want to see the competition heat up, so we’re giving you more time to enter our contests! But don’t wait, because many contest entry deadlines are this weekend. The Jam/Jelly, Sewing, Pickle, Knit/Crochet, and Cupcake contests have extended their deadlines into this weekend. Head over to our 2013 Contests page to start the registration process now, before you miss your chance to enter!

The contest entry drop-off and judging schedule will be published on the Event Details page soon. Keep an eye out there and in upcoming State of the Fair Newsletters for more information.

We look forward to seeing you and announcing the big winners at the Fair on Saturday, September 28.

Good luck, exhibitors!

Upcoming Entry Deadlines

Friday, September 20
Pickle Contest
Jam/Jelly Contest

Saturday, September 21
Photography Contest
Sewing Contest (1 PM)

Sunday, September 22
Cupcake Contest
Fermented Vegetable Contests
Knit/Crochet Contest (5 PM)
Homebrew Contest

Get Your Entries In!

Wednesday, September 25
Kids’ Poetry Contest (4 PM)

Thursday, September 26
Bike Accessory Contest

*Entry deadlines are midnight unless otherwise stated.*

Register Early or Enter at the Fair, Saturday, September 28
Hats for Newborns Contest
Funkiest-Looking Vegetable Contest
Heaviest Vegetable Contest
Heaviest Fruit Contest
Longest Vegetable Contest
Honey Contest
Kids’ Art Contest

Get Your Entries In!

Remember, we also have two contestant workshops, for Kids’ Poetry and the Bike Accessory Contests, being held at Southeast Branch Library, where contestants can work to craft their entries prior to the Fair. The library will also be hosting a seed swap and solar cooking demonstration during the Fair!

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