Accepting applications for the Executive Committee and Board of Directors

If you’re a fan of the DC State Fair, you now have a chance to get to know us even better.

We are seeking three to four new members of the DC State Fair Executive Committee, as well as two new board members. Most Board members will serve on the Executive Committee, but they will have the added responsibility (and glory!) of directing the entire Fair’s efforts for 2013.

If you have nonprofit management experience, a knack for fundraising, deep roots in the District, a community development and engagement background, or just a passion to bring agricultural, culinary, and arts education to the community to develop and encourage neighborly showcasing of talent and competition, then we want you to apply!

We are seeking a mix of folks who can leverage their skills and connections to make the fourth annual DC State Fair rock.

We are especially looking for people to fill the following roles:
— Two Board of Director positions (one with a financial and nonprofit legal background to serve as CFO)
— Web developer
— Spanish translator
— Coordinator of volunteers and volunteer committees

These are strictly volunteer opportunities—there are no paid positions within DC State Fair at this time, although we see the possibility for adding such posts in the future. As we move toward our fourth annual Fair, this is a great time to dig in.

About DC State Fair

DC is home to gardeners, cooks, bakers, photographers, artists—and yet we didn’t have a state fair to celebrate the home-grown talents of the District. In 2010, that all changed: The first-ever DC State Fair was held on August 28 of that year to showcase the talents of DC’s residents. The second Fair was held in October 2011, rescheduled due to Hurricane Irene. DC State Fair returned in 2012 for another successful celebration of DC community talent on Saturday, September 22.

DC State Fair is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization.


The following duties are the responsibility of the leaders of DC State Fair and may be performed primarily by Executive Committee members: Direct the efforts of the various committees (Volunteer, Contests, Events, Community Outreach, Development Committees and Subcommittees [Board members are encouraged to participate in committee operations but do not necessarily need to act as committee chairs]); liaise with DC-based and other local organizations and businesses that complement and/or support the DC State Fair mission; ensure stable financial and legal standing (primarily performed by the CFO on the Board); offer programming and events throughout the year, in addition to the main Fair, possibly in collaboration with organizations that align with DC State Fair’s mission.

No personal financial contributions are necessary or expected to be on the Board of Directors or Executive Committee of DC State Fair. But, of course, they will not be turned down.

Time Commitment

Executive Committee members will attend regular meetings beginning in January or February and intermittent committee/volunteer management duties depending on chosen role. From May until the Fair in September, our work intensifies. The two members of the Board of Directors will have the greatest time commitment. The overall commitment can range from 4 hours a month during the planning stages to 10+ hours a week as the event approaches, depending on role and personal availability.

Term of Office

Board members serve two-year terms, with overlapping terms (three members will finish their first year as the other two finish their second).

To apply, please e-mail your resume, a letter of intent, and one or two supporting documents (if you’d like) to The deadline to apply is December 31, 2012

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