The Winners


  1. Vileinist, Ponders
  2. hms832, Library of Congress
  3. Andrew Bossi, Skaters in Meridian Hill Park


  1. Cody Gabbard, Copy Cat Pils
  2. Lisa Dettling, Funkel Weizen
  3. Chas Ballew, Belgian Dubbel

Best Malt: Cody Gabbard, Copy Cat Pils
Best Hop: Chris Colwell, Emo’s Brew D’état
Best Fruit & Spice: Lisa Dettling, Funkel Weizen
Best Yeast: Chas Ballew, Belgian Dubbel
Best Roast/Smoke/Wood: Brooke Heaton, American Bourbon Oaked Barleywine


Dark: Karl Moeller
Medium: Toni Burnham
Light: Todd Cymrot
Best of Show: Toni Burnham
Best Tasting: Nadia Mercer/Washington Youth Garden

Kids’ Poetry:

Grades 2-3

  1. Kaya Brown, “Apple”
  2. Malin Moeller, “Little Tomatoes From the Garden”
  3. A tie! Aidan Elliott, “Grapes,” and an untitled poem by Alex

Grades 4-5

  1. Rachel Epstein-Shuman, “On the Steps of My Garden”
  2. Vivienne Rioux-Bailey, “Everybody Knows About Carrots”
  3. A tie! Henry Ryan, “Green” and Sofia Nuri, “Lettuce!”

Grades 6-7

  1. Sophia Diggs-Galligan, “The Farmer”
  2. Lynn Sylkarisen, “gardens”

Best overall, all age groups

  1. Sophia Diggs-Galligan, “The Farmer”
  2. Malin Moeller, “Little Tomatoes From the Garden”

Craft Contests


  1. Big Blooms by Karen Aleta
  2. A Patchwork Apron by Kerry Klein
  3. Mode Matryoshka by Kelly Jane Torrance

Runners Up/Honorable Mentions: Say Yes to the Breast by Naima Dozier and State of the Apron by Toni Harrison


First Place Knit: Vania Jenny, “Made in the District” child’s sweater
First Place Crochet: Jennifer Ezell, Washington Monument, Cherry Tree, and DC Flag

Honorable Mentions:
Julie Moeller, DC Mitten Christmas ornament
Melanie Suydam, DC Flag purse
Karla Koudelka, DC Flag koozies

Bicycle Accessory:

  1. Jamal Kadri, rescued child’s bike seat custom-mounted on folding bike with reclaimed wood
  2. Jenny Leeman, hand knit scarf incorporating reflective yarn
  3. Anica Allen, fabric tissue holder with attached draw string garbage bag, wrist wearable or bike attachable

Honorable Mention: Aksel Moeller (with assistance from Karl Moeller), reclaimed child’s bike refinished with a DC theme

Kids’ Art:

  1. Zachary Singerman, black-eyed pea-powered airplane
  2. Audrey Burr, neighborhood scene with beans

Baked Goods Contests


  1. Emily Dalphy, Fig & Grape Pie with Cognac and Orange
  2. Kim Trainor, Lemon Raspberry Meringue Pie
  3. Samantha Fahrbach, Rustic Peach Raspberry Tart

Best Apple: Megan McConville, Apple Pie
Best Crust: Samantha Fahrbach, Rustic Peach Raspberry Tart
Most Creative: Old City Green, Vegan Pot Pie


  1. Esther Ventus, Chocolate Raspberry Cupcake
  2. Kim Trainor, French Toast Cupcake
  3. Robert Conley, Hurricane Cupcake

Best Vegetable: Courtney Weigand, Chocolate & Kale Cupcake
Most Creative: Heidi Goldberg, Sweet & Salty sweet potato cupcake with salted caramel buttercream

Prepared Foods Contests

Cucumber Pickle:

  1. Ariane Lotti, Not-So-Sweet Bread and Butters
  2. Ariane Lotti, Bread and Butters
  3. Mark Perry, Cucumber Pickles

Other Vegetable Pickle:

  1. A tie! Stacey Marien, Dilly Beans, and Michael Durante, Pickled Beets
  2. Yana Vierboom, Dilly Beans
  3. Michael Durante, Pickled Green Tomatoes

Best in Show: Michael Durante, Pickled Beets

Fruit Pickle:

  1. Elizabeth Bennett, Peach Chutney
  2. Elizabeth Bennett, (Pretty as a) Peach Pickle
  3. Mark Perry, Pear Chutney

Jam/ Jelly:

  1. Erin Behrmann, Southern Lady Pepper Jelly
  2. Wendy Caron, Sour Cherry Jam
  3. Sarah Cohen, Peach Prosecco Jam

Fermented Vegetable:

  1. Laura Reynolds, cabbage-radish-radicchio kimchi

Vegetable Contests

Tastiest Tomato:

  1. John Andreoni, “Tomato Taxi” tomato
  2. Marguerite Pridgen, unknown cherry tomato

Longest Vegetable:

  1. Aziza Caines, 25 inches
  2. Kristof Grina, 16.5 inches
  3. Emily Thomas, 16 inches

Heaviest Vegetable:

  1. Lance Marburger, 19.25 pounds
  2. Mark Perry, 16.75 pounds
  3. Wayne Savage, 13 pounds

Heaviest Fruit:

  1. Kelly Jones, 28 pounds
  2. Liz McGinnis, 15 pounds
  3. Ellen McBarnette, 8 pounds

Funkiest-Looking Vegetable:

  1. Thurgood Marshall Academy, Thai Pumpkin
  2. William Campbell
  3. Mark Perry

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