Join Us At The Fair Today!

We’ll be at the Fair all day. Come by and experience it for yourself!

DC State Fair will be at Barracks Row Fall Festival today, September 22, from 11 AM to 5 PM, to celebrate DC residents’ talents! Barracks Row Fall Festival takes place on 8th Street, Southeast, below Eastern Market metro. DC State Fair’s area is located on both sides of 8th Street, just below G Street.

Below is the day’s schedule. There will be two judges’ booths judging contests concurrently, preceded by a poetry reading by Kids’ Poetry Contest winners and followed by announcements of the winners of the Homebrew, Sewing, Knit/Crochet, and Tastiest Tomato Contests. The afternoon will also feature educational demonstrations on home beekeeping, growing Asian vegetables, canning, and homebrewing. Our Knitting 101 educational booth is open all day, 11 AM to 5 PM, for drop-in knitting lessons.

DC State Fair Event Schedule

The Fair will kick off with a welcome announcement at 11 a.m., followed by a kids’ poetry reading. Then the contest fun begins! Here are the planned drop-off and judging times:

Event Time
Welcome to the Fair 11:00
Kids’ Poetry Reading 11:15
Kids’ Art Contest Judging 11:30
Bike Accessory Contest Judging 11:30
Honey Contest Judging Noon
Pie Contest Judging Noon
Cupcake Contest Judging 12:30
Longest Vegetable Contest Judging 12:30
Heaviest Vegetable Contest Judging 12:30
Heaviest Fruit Contest Judging 12:30
Funkiest-Looking Vegetable Contest Judging 1:00
Cucumber Pickle Contest Judging 1:00
Other Vegetable Pickle Contest Judging 1:30
Fermented Vegetable Contest Judging 1:30
Fruit Pickle Contest Judging 2:00
Jam/Jelly Contest Judging 2:00
Photography Contest Winners Announced 2:30
Tastiest Tomato Contest Winners Announced 2:45
Knit & Crochet Contest Winners Announced 3:00
Sewing Contest Winners Announced 3:30
Homebrew Contest Winners Announced 4:00

The winning entries for most of the contests will remain on display until the end of the Fair, at 5 PM.

In the afternoon, educational demonstrations will teach attendees new skills.


Knitting 101 11 to 5
Home Beekeeping 1 to 2
Growing Asian Vegetables 2 to 3
Home Canning 3 to 4
Homebrew 4 to 5

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