Contests: Vegetables and Fruit

DC holds some of the best gardeners, despite the constrained urban space instead of acres of fertile cropland. It takes no small skill to grow amazing vegetables and fruit in the middle of the District, and our Longest Vegetable, Heaviest Vegetable, Funkiest-Looking Vegetable, and Heaviest Fruit Contests, sponsored by The Vest Garden of Michigan Park, aim to showcase these talents of DC’s residents!

These contests for DC gardeners do not have an entry deadline–if you bring your entry tomorrow during indicated drop-off times, we will gladly accept your veggies for the contests! We do, however, encourage pre-Fair entry registration.

Each first, second, and third place winner will receive Fair ribbons, small cash prizes, and the honorable title of DC State Fair Contest Winner. Each first place winner will also receive special prizes!

So, tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your garden manager, and come to the Fair to enter your veggies!

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