Contests: Prepared Foods

Judging PicklesFor those versed in the canning art, the Cucumber Pickle, Other Vegetable Pickle, Fruit Pickle, Jam/Jelly, and Fermented Vegetable Contests let you try your skills against your neighbors for a chance at cash prizes and everlasting glory! Even if you’re a canning novice, try your hand at pickling or jamming and enter your best by Thursday, September 20! Check out the pickle recipes posted by DC State Fair blogger Michael Durante and some fermented vegetable recipes shared by blogger The Soil Toil.

First-place winners in each contest will receive special prizes in addition to the cash prizes, blue ribbon, and fame of being one of the best canners in the District.

For those who are new to canning, stop by the Fair between 3 and 4 PM for a home-canning informational session–and be sure to use your new-found skills to enter your Prepared Foods in the contests next year!

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