Contest: Honey

DC State Fair is pleased to finally introduce a DC Honey Contest to showcase the talents of the District’s beekeepers (and the wonderful bees who make the sweet treat)!

Three wonderful, expert beekeepers have agreed to lend a hand as judges at the DC State Fair Honey Contest:

Chef Ian Bens, Executive Sous Chef at the Fairmont Hotel, has led the beekeeping program at the Fairmont for several years and is an accomplished chef with honey, using it as a critical flavor in every course of a gourmet meal, from appetizers through desserts.

Pat Haskell is an Eastern Apiculture Society Master Beekeeper from Virginia and has been a leader in beekeeping education throughout the region for decades. She is a proponent of beekeeping in DC and produces extraordinary honey herself. As an EAS beekeeper, Pat’s understanding of honey extends into the biology of its production and its chemistry.

Dr. Wayne Esaias is the president of the Maryland State Beekeepers, as well as an EAS Master Beekeeper. Wayne has judged in Maryland fairs and founded HoneyBeeNet, a nationwide effort by beekeepers to measure and share hive data to detect the presence and impact of climate change in the behavior of our most important pollinator partner.

DC’s best honeymaker will win a gift package from the Fairmont, including gift certificates, lip balm made from rooftop honey, a jar of Fairmont honey, and a personal meeting with a Fairmont apiarist. Second and third place winners will receive gift certificates donated by Honey Contest Committee members!

For those DC residents interested in beekeeping but want a little help getting started, we will feature a Home Beekeeping demonstration during the Fair, from 1 to 2 PM. Come learn how to safely keep bees at home, enjoy the pollinators’ effect on your garden, and harvest your home-grown honey!

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