Seed-Saving Workshop

So you’ve successfully grown amazing okra, peppers, tomatoes, and more from the plants you picked up at the Seedling Swap in May. You’ve enjoyed their bounty and will be entering some of them in our vegetable contests on the 22nd. But how will you make sure you get to grow the best selection of the plants that did so well for you?

The first step is to save seeds, and Washington Gardener magazine publisher/editor Kathy Jentz has you covered. She’ll be teaching a seed-saving workshop through Knowledge Commons DC on Saturday, October 6, from noon to 1:30 at Neighborhood Farm Initiative, right next to Ft. Totten metro.

Kathy encourages gardeners to save seed for its thrift (you save money by not purchasing seed packets or plants every year), genetic preservation of heirlooms and native plants, and, of course, trading! If you save your own seed, you can trade some of them with other gardeners for varieties that you may want to try.

Registration is not yet open. Sign up for a free account with Knowledge Commons DC, and then await the “registration open” announcement. The free event is expected to fill up quickly!

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