If you followed the #seedlingswap tweetup yesterday, you know already that the Seedling Swap rocked my socks! About 30 people came out to share their seedlings, get seedlings to start their first garden, or just watch what was going on at our wonderful host, 14th & U Farmers Market!

A swapper who also participated during last year’s swap brought a huge, thorny raspberry bush that was one of the first plants to get picked up by one lucky gardener. The cotton, peanuts, and fig cuttings I grew myself were also hot items! It’s a gratifying feeling when people are interested in growing the same plants with you.

Kuhn Orchards, one of the 14th & U Farmers Market vendors, donated a bunch of artichoke seedlings. They had too many to plant, I was told as they were dropped off just minutes before the swap opened. This happy DC State Fairie was able to walk home with one of those seedlings–there were almost enough for each swapper to have one! The 36 bushy basil, oregano, tomato, and flower plants that the DC-area Ace Hardwares donated for new and experienced gardeners who came to the swap went pretty quickly–in fact, one of their tomatoes was one of the first seedlings grabbed.

If you attended the swap, let us know how your seedlings fare this year. Send us pictures, postcards, little notes about how those plants are doing–and let us know the care you give them to make them grow strong, so they can be entered into the Fair this fall!

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