Swap On Saturday

Join DC State Fair this Saturday, May 5, for the Seedling Swap at 14th & U Farmers Market!

Swing by at 9 AM to drop off your seedlings and chat with local gardeners about the varieties they brought to share. This swapper started a few extra black peanuts to share, as well as Sea Island Brown Cotton, Cowhorn okra, Brown Turkey fig cuttings, and a bunch of peppers and tomatoes. Bring your friends, bring your family, bring your community garden plot neighbor, and bring your seedlings to share! (It would also help to bring a list of what you want/need or make one during the pre-swap mingling before the gardening haze takes over and you walk home with ten Cherokee Purple tomato plants and none of the cotton you wanted to grab). Of course, new gardeners or folks without seedlings are more than welcome–there will be plenty for you to take back to your garden, too!

At 10 AM, the swap will begin. Be sure to get there early to check out what everyone is bringing and make sure you walk home with the seedlings you want!

The Seedling Swap will also be tweeted live in DC State Fair’s first tweetup–use the hashtag #seedlingswap while swapping to share tips you learned during the swap and chat with off-site tweeps to get the dish on how well certain varieties grow in DC.

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