Get Your Gardening On

Right now is the time to start sowing seeds for your summer surplus of tomatoes and other garden delights.

But at the end of every winter, for those of us who don’t have outdoor space of our own to grow crops to enter into this year’s Fair (your DC State Fair blogger included!), we eagerly await the plot availability announcements from DC’s community gardens with their several-year waiting lists.

Well, a new garden just opened up to help fill the supply and demand gap in gardening space: Wangari Gardens, near Washington Hospital!

I just learned from a recent post at Prince of Petworth that they are accepting applications for their 25 plots for gardening this spring–and it’s a fast turn-around time! Get your application in by this Sunday, 11 March, and get word about your plot-holder status by Friday, 16 March.

There are only 25 plots, which are 8′ x 4′ each, so if you don’t get one of these surely to be highly competitive spots, never fear–Wangari Gardens has a lot of plans for expansion, and if you put in volunteer hours (with their planned fruit tree orchard or rain garden, say), you’ll get bonus points for a plot when they have more available!

I feel weird sharing this (because I’m gunning for a plot, too), but apply and spread the word about this new community garden!

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