Swap Those Seeds

It may be freezing outside, but area gardeners are gearing up for the summer’s harvest! Washington Gardener, DC’s local gardening magazine, is running its 7th annual seed exchange this winter. It’s a great opportunity to meet local gardeners, get information about plants that grow well in our area, and get other gardening tips–as well as a great stash of awesome seeds!

For gardeners’ convenience, Washington Gardener has two seed-swap dates: Saturday January 28 (National Seed Swap Day!) and Saturday February 4. Neither swap is in DC proper, but both are at least somewhat accessible via metro. January 28 is at Brookside Gardens, in Wheaton (about a 1 mile walk from the metro, which will hopefully be easier than the time this DC State Fairie went during one of the blizzards of 2010); the February 4 event is at Green Spring Gardens, in Alexandria–a 3.5-mile jaunt by foot from Van Dorn metro station. Perhaps a carpool is in order? At least one of us in DC State Fair wants to head out on February 4!

Advance registration is required to attend these events, but the cost of registration ($15 for nonsubscribers, $10 for magazine subscribers or “Friends of” the various host locations) is worth the copious seeds you’ll get and local gardeners you’ll meet.

Washington Gardener totally did not ask or even hint at posting this, but it’s an awesome opportunity to get new seeds to grow veggies for this year’s Fair! Or, you can test your photography skills with the Photography Contest the magazine puts on, as well–the deadline is this Friday, January 20, and winners are announced at the seed swaps. If you enter, good luck! (And feel free to enter your winning photos into the DC State Fair photography contest later this year!)

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