Call For Board Members

If you’ve been following along with the adventures of DC State Fair, the competitions, the events, and the rescheduling because of Mother Nature’s temperamental behavior, you now have a chance to dig in your hands even more!

The three DC State Fair co-founders’ two-year board terms have now ended, which means there are spots available on the Board of Directors. If you have nonprofit management experience, a community development and engagement background, or just a passion to bring agricultural, culinary, and arts education to the community to develop and encourage neighborly showcasing of talent and competition, then we want you to apply!

This is strictly a volunteer opportunity–there are no paid positions within DC State Fair! But something that the new board may be looking at are grants to allow the hire of a full-time Executive Director in the next couple of years–with the launch of the Statehood DC campaign today, it seems like a great time to have a bigger and better DC State Fair!

Board Member
DC State Fair
Volunteer Opportunity

About DC State Fair
DC State Fair as a concept is about two years old. Officially incorporated as a nonprofit in October 2010, the organization started as three DC food and garden bloggers’ dream, and became a success through the tireless supporting efforts of other bloggers, friends, volunteers, sponsors, and community members who stepped up to compete in the Fair’s inaugural contests in August 2010.

The 2011 DC State Fair event, rescheduled to a late date because of Hurricane Irene, was a success as well, if a cold and wet one. To grow the organization, reach more of the DC community, and let DC State Fair expand into a true State Fair experience, the organization is seeking applications for Board of Directors members.

We need Board members who can bring this fledgling organization to the next level and make DC State Fair a truly community-driven and community-supporting endeavor. Nonprofit management, community engagement, and the legal and financial aspects of running small nonprofit organizations are highly desirable qualities in candidates.

Board Responsibilities
Direct the efforts of the various committees and their efforts for the organization (Volunteer, Contests, Events, Community Outreach, Development Committees and Subcommittees [Board members are encouraged to participate in committee operations but do not necessarily need to act as committee chairs]); liaise with DC-based and other local organizations and businesses that complement and/or support the DC State Fair mission; ensure stable financial and legal standing; offer programming and events throughout the year, in addition to the main State Fair event, possibly in collaboration with organizations that align with DC State Fair’s mission.

No personal financial contributions are necessary or expected to be on the Board of Directors of DC State Fair. But, of course, they will not be turned down.

Time Commitment
Semiregular meetings (determined by the Board) and intermittent committee/volunteer management duties depending on chosen role within the Board. May, June, July, and August will likely require more attention and time than other months. Actual time commitment may vary depending on how committees and the Board are organized.

Term of Office
Board members serve two-year terms, with overlapping terms (three members will finish their first year as the other two finish their second).

To apply, please e-mail your resume, a letter of intent, and one or two supporting documents (if you’d like) to Please apply by Friday, December 9.

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