New Date For DC State Fair

New date and location: Saturday, October 1, at Crafty Bastards (2200 Champlain Street NW).

Friends, because of the unfortunate Hurricane Irene cancellation of Columbia Heights Day, DC State Fair had to reschedule. The DC community really showed incredible support for the Fair, suggesting new locations and alternatives, and community Festival organizers reached out with offers to host the event. Thanks to the wonderful community, DC State Fair is now going to be held at Crafty Bastards, an exhibition of local handmade crafts and arts run by Washington City Paper.

If you’ve already entered the Fair online, don’t worry–we have your entry logged, so just bring your entry by on October 1 (check the website for schedule details, which will be available soon). Crafty Bastards is expanding into showcasing craft foods, and DC State Fair will be powering the first-ever Crafty Food Awards in homebrew, pickles, and preserves. Deadlines to enter these contests has been extended to Tuesday, September 6, so get your entries in! The other DC State Fair contest entry forms for Baked Goods, Crafts, and Vegetables are re-opened with new deadlines and are available on our website.

Crafty Bastards has introduced a Crafty Food Market, where craft foodmakers (that’s you, DC State Fair contestants!) can sell their goods–but the deadline to get in is also September 6. DC State Fair will be held in the Crafty Food Market area, where there will also be a DIY space with guest presenters.

The event is on Saturday, October 1, from 10 AM to 5 PM at Marie Reed Elementary in Adams Morgan. Yes, this is a little late for some of the vegetable contests–the Tastiest Tomato will not be a contest at the Fair this year, but Longest, Heaviest, and Funkiest-Looking Vegetable are all still open for entry! Get your entries in for our Crafts, Baked Goods, and Vegetable contests by midnight on Thursday, September 29, to qualify! (And again, you picklers and jammers, the deadline to enter is September 6!)

Let’s all do anti-natural-disaster/Acts-Of-God dances on the Friday before the Fair, alright?

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