The Vegetable Contests

It takes no small feat of skill to craft a Bike Accessory or bake an award-winning Pie. Such talent is needed to cultivate the Tasiest Tomatoes, the Heaviest Vegetables, and the Longest Vegetables–and probably even the Funkiest-Looking Vegetables!

These contests for DC gardeners do not have an entry deadline–if you bring your entry on the day of during indicated drop-off times, we will gladly accept your veggies for the contests! We do, however, encourage pre-Fair entry registration.

Each first, second, and third place winner will receive Fair ribbons, small cash prizes, and the honorable title of “DC State Fair Vegetable Contest Winner.” The first-place winner of the Funkiest-Looking Vegetable will get a bonus prize, as well–a gift certificate to Soupergirl! And the grower of the Tastiest Tomato will walk back to the garden with a gift certificate to Chix. The proud gardener with the Heaviest Vegetable will score a Lana Woolly Pocket, donated by Urban Sustainable.

When you fill out the entry form or bring your DC-grown veggies, indicate whether they were grown at a community garden and if so which one. The community garden with the most entries into the Vegetable contests will win a $100 gift card to Behnke Nurseries. That’s right, our neighbor to the east (and north. and south. Really, it is hugging us in its support of the Fair!) is sponsoring this contest and will provide $100 worth of whatever the community garden needs–mulch, communal plants, fencing, anything available at Behnke’s two locations!

So, tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your garden manager, and enter your veggies!

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