Volunteer For The Fair

DC State Fair is being held on Saturday, August 27, at Columbia Heights Day (see event details). The contests that showcase the talents of DC residents are our primary goal for the event, but we will also have vendors: organizations and businesses that facilitate these talents in some way through the services they offer, programs they run, or products they provide. The friendly, organized, and fun-loving DC State Fair volunteer staff will help ensure that the event runs smoothly and enjoyably for contestants, sponsors, vendors, and attendees.

There are several ways volunteers can help out.

Information volunteers engage passers-by and Fair-goers with information about DC State Fair’s operations, the day’s events, and anything else.

Registration volunteers will be checking contestants in, ensuring that all necessary steps have been accomplished (recipe submission, entry fee collection, identifying labels removed, etc.) and assigning each contestant and entry a number for blind judging.

Prep volunteers will be involved in arranging contest entries in an accessible way, preparing them for judging (slicing pies, cutting cupcakes, spooning jams), and generally helping to keep the back-end area organized.

There are five shifts. Please plan to arrive a few minutes early and potentially leave a few minutes later than the times listed.
9 AM to 11 AM (will include setup): 1 information volunteer, 2 registration, 2 prep
11 AM to 1 PM: 2 information volunteers, 2 registration, 3 prep
1 PM to 3 PM: 2 information volunteers, 2 registration, 3 prep
3 PM to 4:30 PM: 2 information volunteers, 2 registration, 2 prep
4:30 PM to 6 PM (will include breakdown toward end of shift): 1 information, 2 prep

If you would like to volunteer for DC State Fair in any capacity, please visit the volunteer page or e-mail kenneth@thedcstatefair.org with your preferred shift(s) and role(s).

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