Have You Heard?

The DC State Fair contest entry forms are open, and many entries have been submitted! Many of the contests have an entry deadline of August 25, and some have an entry cap because of space and time constraints–so get your entry in now!

Head on over to the contest page for more details on each contest.

There are some special prizes available, as well, that aren’t specific entry categories.

The Craft contests have an award for the best craft made with recycled material–each Craft contest (Bike Accessory, Vegetable Sculpture, and DC Portrait) has a field where you can enter whether or not your Craft has recycled content, which will qualify your entry for this prize.

The Pie and Cupcake contests each have a Best Overall prize (1st, 2nd, and 3rd), but they each also have something of “best in show” categories: the Pies have Best Apple, Most Creative, and Best Crust; the Cupcakes have Best Appearance, Most Creative, and Best Vegetable-Containing Cupcake.

The Vegetable contests also have a special prize: a Behnke’s-sponsored $100 gift card for the community garden that has the most entries from their gardeners in the Fair! Each vegetable contest entry form has a field to enter the name of the community garden where the entry was grown (if grown at a community garden). The garden that has the most representation wins the prize for whatever the garden needs!

So, head over to the contest page and enter!

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