DC State Fair Winners

Hundreds entered the DC State Fair contests, but only a few could walk away with the ribbons and prizes. And supporter and volunteer Food Newsie happened to walk away with the winners list! So he got to break the news earlier today. Congratulations to all of our winners and everyone who helped make the first-ever DC State Fair a success by participating!

DC Photograph Contest Winners
1. Winna’s photo
2. Pat’s photo
3. Jim’s photo

Homemade Jam Contest Winners
1. Mae Cooper – Red Pepper Jelly
2. Leah Nylen – Peach Vanilla Jam
3. Sara Johnis – Blackberry/Blueberry Preserves
3. Whitney Waara – Twin Berry Jam

Homemade Pickle Contest Winners
1. Audrey Chumbris – Pickled Peaches
2. David Hendrickson – White Asparagus
3. Cathy Barrow – Tomolives
3. Ed Bruske – Bread and Butter Zucchini

Cupcake Contest Winners
1. Katie Ashley – Carrot Cupcake
2. Farrar Williams – Chocolate Cupcake with Cookie
3. Daria Wingreen-Mason – Pistachio Cupcake

Pie Contest Winners
1. Julie Moeller – Peach and Sour Cherry
2. Amy Kunz – Dutch Apple
3. Lindsey Wahowiak – Fruits of the Forest

Funkiest-Looking Vegetable Contest Winners
1. J. Mark White – Lemon Cucumber
2. Seth Shames – Crookneck Cucumber
3. Stacy Braverman – “Barrots”—Carrots that think they’re beets

Biggest Vegetable Contest Winners
Longest Vegetable
1. Tony Hursts’s Zucchini
2. Ed Bruske’s Zucchini
3. Nick Sementelli’s Zucchini

Heaviest Vegetable
1. Wendy Caron’s Butternut Squash
2. Ed Bruske’s Zucchini
2. Nick Sementelli’s Zucchini
2. Tony Hursts’s Zucchini
3. Pete Chumbris’ Red Heirloom Okra

DC Homebrew Contest Winners
1. Justin Cox – Schwartzbier
2. Christopher Mascaro – It’s A Nice Day For A Wheat Wedding
3. Mitchell West – Belgian Tripel

Tastiest Tomato Contest Winners
1. Ryoko Yamamoto – “Golden Boy” Tomato
2. Natonne Kemp – Lemon Bell-Type Tomato
3. Audrey Chumbris – Wassaping Peach White Tomato

Best DC-Grown Prepared Food Item
Ed Bruske – Bread and Butter Zucchini

2 thoughts on “DC State Fair Winners

  1. Is the #3 winning pistachio cupcake cupcake #5 (pistachio rosewater)? Because I had one of those and it was goooooooddd.

    Also, as a pickle judge, I immediately command the watermelon rind pickle creator to get in touch because I want your recipe! (Can I do that? Will it work?) I was scoping out the rack for-ev-ar and you came up and took the rest of your pickle home in the 3 seconds I wasn’t looking.

    Thanks everyone at the fair– I had a blast!!

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