Special Prize: Best DC-Grown Prepared Food Item

You all know by now that the vegetable contests have a requirement that entries be grown within District lines.  There are no such restrictions for the prepared foods, of course – it’d be awfully hard to make cupcakes when we produce no flour or butter here!  And yet, we’ve been getting so many wonderful jam and pickle and pie entries featuring fruits and vegetables grown in DC, that Hill’s Kitchen has stepped in to help us celebrate the best of DC-Grown Prepared Food.

We’ll award a $25 Hill’s Kitchen gift certificate to  to the best jam, pickle, or pie entry that prominently features DC-grown produce.  So whether you’re pickling home-grown cukes, filling your pie with Rock Creek Park black walnuts, or making a delectable jam from all those figs you stole from your neighbor’s tree, you’ve got a chance to win an extra prize!

(Note: DC Fair does not actually recommend stealing figs from your neighbor.  Ask first, and then give them a jar of the jam you make!).

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