Enter the DC State Fair Best Home-Made Jam Contest

You know how, when you make a batch of jam, you always have a bunch leftover that you try to pawn off on your friends? Well why not just submit some of your jam to the DC State Fair’s Home-Made Jam contest, sponsored by DC Rollergirls.

The summer season is overflowing with fruits and berries that make delicious jam, and now is the time to show off your jam-making skills. We think there’s a prize-winning jam from a District kitchen that can showcase the best of what the season has to offer. The winner will win fame, glory, and a gift basket from DC Rollergirls with two tickets to a Rollergirl match, a t shirt and poster.

Anyway, you can enter the DC Home-Made Preserves Contest here. The deadline for entries is Thursday, August 26th. Jars should be at least four ounces, and should be properly vacuum sealed according to accepted canning procedures.

Why is DC Rollergirls sponsoring the Jam contest? Because “jamming” is at the heart of their matchups. As they explained it to us:

At its heart, roller derby is a game that requires speed, strategy, endurance, and some serious padding! Five skaters from two opposing teams compete on the track during a “JAM,” which is a period that can last up to two minutes. Each team’s line-up consists of one pivot, three blockers, and one JAMMER (who wears the star on her helmet). The blockers and pivots are called “the pack.” They play offense and defense at the same time – trying to help their team’s jammer through the pack while also trying to prevent the opposing team’s jammer from advancing. After each jam the players re-form the pack and continue to play. A game, or “bout,” consists of many jams.

The JAMMERS begin to score one point for each blocker they pass legally on their second time through the pack.  Offensive and defensive maneuvers include lighting fast whips (flinging your team’s jammer forward), and bone-crunching body checks on the opposing skaters.  In this way, roller derby is a little like women’s football on skates, with the jammer acting as the ball!

So, I think that someone really needs to enter a “jam” that captures the spirit of a Rollergirl jam – maybe something spiced with hot peppers or ginger? Just my two cents.

So be creative and have fun with it – and may the best jam win!

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