Enter Your Big (or big-ish) Vegetable in the Biggest Vegetable Contest!

Is that a five pound melon sitting in your garden? What about a foot long zucchini? A football sized pumpkin? Why aren’t you entering your vegetables in the DC State Fair Biggest Vegetable Contest, sponsored by Washington Gardener?

Maybe you don’t think that your vegetable is particularly big. You think “oh, this would never win the biggest vegetable contest.” But remember – this has been a rough summer for all DC gardeners, and all entries are coming from The District. Maybe your biggest melon doesn’t seem that big compared to all the big melons you’ve seen at other state fairs, but that’s exactly why you should enter it in the DC State Fair. Here, it has a chance to shine.

You can enter the DC State Fair biggest vegetable contest here. We will be accepting entries on the day of, but we strong suggest you fill out the entry form by Friday, August 27th. For day-of entries, please bring your vegetable to the DC State Fair Tent at Columbia Heights Day (Tubman Elementary Field – 11th and Irving Streets NW), between 1pm and 2 pm.

The winner wins a one year subscription to Washington Gardener Magazine, the premier gardening magazine for the DC metro area. You’ll never win if you don’t enter, so sign up today!

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