Do Judge By Appearances!

At least, hope the judges do for the Funkiest-Looking Vegetable contest, because that’s the only way to win!

Does your heirloom tomato look more like an uncovered bum than the smooth, uniform perfection found at supermarket chains? Did you grow a potato that looks like Mother Theresa? Or has your carrot turned into something M. C. Escher would feel comfortable eating?

Then you should enter your unusual-looking specimens into DC State Fair’s Funkiest-Looking Vegetable contest by August 27!

The funky funny fresh Soupergirl is sponsoring the Funkiest-Looking Vegetable contest!
Bring your DC-grown funky veggies to the Fair on August 28 between 12:30 and 1:30, because at 2:00 the judges will be determining which one is the get-down Funkiest! The winner will receive two quarts of delicious vegan soup with locally sourced ingredients from Soupergirl, as well as eternal fame and cash prizes for first, second, and third place vegetables.

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