DC State Fair Schedule Announced

Here it is, friends and fair fans, the general schedule of events for the 2010 DC State Fair!  The DC State Fair will be held on August 28th, concurrent with Columbia Heights Day, at Tubman Elementary Field (11th and Irving Streets NW).  Click here to enter the contests!

11:00 AM Winners of the Photography Contest announced
11:30AM-12PM Jam Contest judging and awards
12PM-12:30PM Pickle Contest judging and awards
12:30PM-1PM Cupcake Contest judging and awards
1PM-2PM Pie Contest judging and awards
2PM-2:30PM Funkiest-Looking Vegetable judging and awards
2:30PM-3PM Biggest Vegetable contests weighing and awards
3PM Winners of DC Homebrew Contest announced
3:15PM Raffle winners announced
3:30PM Columbia Heights Day Cupcake Eating Contest (Stage 2)
4PM-4:30PM Tastiest Tomato (Small Tomatoes) judging and awards
4:30PM-5PM Tastiest Tomato (Large Tomatoes) judging and awards

In addition to the contests, there will be many other fun demonstrations, drawings, and announcements occurring throughout the day.  Join us!

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